The Annual Report on Anti-Semitism Symptoms in the Czech Republic in 2011

The annual report on anti-Semitisms symptoms in 2011 (the "Report") has been prepared by the Security Department of the Jewish Community of Prague (the" SB") for the internal needs of the Jewish community of Prague (the "JCP") and other Jewish communities in the Czech Republic (the"CR"), but also for the needs of other institutions processing the data on anti-Semitism. The report aims to provide a comprehensive image of the state of anti-Semitism related to manifestations of extremism, the overall mood in the society concerning anti-Semitism and to deliver not only the necessary data, but also their analysis, which may explain the trends of 2011 and to predict future developments. The report also compares current trends in anti-Semitism to previous years.

January 1, 2012
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