Italy: Antisemitism report 2016

In recent years, Jewish institutions which serve as possible targets of antisemitic activities have been provided better security; As a result of the increased security, a lesser number of violent actions occurred.
Although the attacks in Italy are fortunately not very frequent, this cannot be said of expressions of ideological or political hostility, aversion and prejudices towards Jews and more often towards Israel.
For several years, we have witnessed a profound change in the public discourse of active and rapidly growing minority groups resulting in a lower culture of respect for Jewish memory, the use of clichés, anti-Jewish stereotypes, official endorsement of antisemitism, politicians dwarfing the Holocaust, newspaper articles containing conspiracy statements.
Antisemitic stereotypes continue to exist in private and public conversations; sometimes antisemitism is expressed even in the media. This happened in a private radio network that broadcasts a program in several chapters to promote the conspiracy theories of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

July 11, 2017
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