Manifestations of Antisemitism in the EU 2002 - 2003

This EUMC report on antisemitism in Europe has four main intentions:

• The report aims to raise awareness on the development of antisemitism
in Europe in recent years and to stimulate a broader public debate in
order to generate pressure for clear and strong measures against it.

• To this end, the report presents, country by country, the data and
information on antisemitism which was provided by the RAXEN
network of the EUMC for the years 2002-2003 in 15 Member States of
the European Union. This is followed by a critical evaluation of each
country report with regard to the availability and quality of this data on
antisemitism. On the basis of this evaluation, an identification is made
of the problem areas and gaps regarding the present processes of data
collection and the currently available data in the 15 EU Member States.

• Thirdly, the report aims to develop a theoretical and conceptual
foundation as basis for both the evaluation of present data collection
processes and for proposals for future data collection on antisemitism.
In doing so, it will refer to the debates on recent claims that a “new
antisemitism” has emerged. It will also address the question of whether
and when anti-Zionism and “unbalanced” criticism of Israel is to be
regarded as antisemitism.

• Finally, the report makes a number of proposals for the improvement of
monitoring and research activities regarding antisemitism in the
European Union, and makes a number of proposals for action to the EU
and its Member States on measures to combat antisemitism.

May 1, 2004
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